Patient Testimonial

Heidi McKenzie

Heidi McKenzie 200

In 2007, Heidi McKenzie's life changed when she was in a traumatic car accident that led to her being paralyzed from the waist down, a T4 Paraplegic. After the injury, Heidi enrolled in Cardinal Hill's renowned Spinal Cord Injury Unit. At Cardinal Hill, Heidi adjusted to her "new normal" with a spinal cord injury and learned to live independently. By working with a support group of people who had been through similar situations, Heidi was able to share stories, thoughts and concerns. Heidi's time at Cardinal Hill allowed her to prepare for the obstacles she faced, both known and unexpected. "The amount of support I received emotionally, mentally, and physically led to who I am today, all while giving me the confidence I needed to live life to the fullest," Heidi explained. She is doing just that. Heidi has designed an adaptive clothing line called ALTER UR EGO where she makes jeans fashionable and functional for those in wheelchairs because "when you look good, you feel good," she said. She is competing in Ms. Wheelchair USA 2018 to break down social barriers through fashion, fitting perfectly with the mission of the program to promote glamour, self-confidence and community service.